At OnItsWay, we are building a last mile delivery infrastructure that puts the environment first.

Here are just a few ways we are trying to make a difference...

CO2, CO2, CO2...

The transportation industry is by its nature a significant producer of greenhouse gases. Some incumbents are making a better effort than others, but there is so much more work to do.

With the growth of e-commerce, the impact is only going to grow worse. More packages, from farther and farther away, means ever more emissions.

At OnItsWay, we are building a last mile delivery infrastructure with the environment first. Incentives for drivers of green cars, partnering with green taxi companies, building our own green fleet to handle returns, are only a few of the things we are working on.



Why so much packaging?!

Layers and layers of packaging and padding on packages means larger and heavier packages to move around, recycling bins filling up with single use cardboard and plastic, styrofoam going straight to trash and taking lifetimes to degrade, added cost to the merchant, and frustrated consumers! 


Why such a big box for such a small item? The original box was perfectly suitable for travel already, why put it into another box with additional padding? 


In this age of e-commerce, packages come from farther and farther away. With so much distance and so many individual handlers, many things can happen to a package. In some cases, extra packaging is reasonable and makes sense, but it is still sad to see so much material go straight to the recycling bin. In other cases, well... we've all seen it, there is negligence out there...

With OnItsWay, no need to over package shipments! Packages travel short distances, and are carefully taken care of by a single handler on our team from point A (the store) to point B (the customer). 

Come back soon for innovative packaging solutions that respect the environment.

Easy and clean returns!

Unfortunately, returns contribute hugely to emissions and waste via over packaging. It is understandable, consumers are no shipping experts, and when you return an item, you want to make sure it gets home in one piece so you get a full credit rapidly. Plus, your shipment will generate the same amount of greenhouse gases on the way back as it did on the way in.


With e-commerce comes the need for returns. Without the assurance of easy returns, consumers are not keen to buy online. That is why OnItsWay has developed a unique mobile in-app solution to initiate returns. No packaging needed, no need to drive to the post office or summon a carrier, simply tap a few buttons and one of our vans will be OnItsWay! You can track your return in realtime, and ensure everything is processed promptly.

Plus, all of our return vans are electric! No emissions whatsoever on the way back to the store.