Who and What is OnItsWay?


OnItsWay is reinventing the experience of receiving a package by making possible deliveries as fast a one-hour and exceptional real-time visibility into the progress of your delivery. If you buy from a local retailer or wish to send something to a friend, OnItsWay can delivery your package with ease and at low cost.


Where is OnItsWay available?


We are launching in select cities in Quebec, and will be expanding through Canada shortly afterwards. Be in TOUCH if you'd like to be kept abreast of our progress, and do not hesitate to request specific regions, or reach out to your favorite merchants to let them know about OnItsWay!


How quickly can OnItsWay delivery a package?


If a local delivery is initiated before 4pm, and as long as the delivery is within a radius of 20 to 30km, we will do everything we can to deliver same day, sometimes as rapidly as within one to two hours. 


What can be delivered by OnItsWay?


We primarily focus on non-food items, but anything that is within the guidelines defined in our terms of our service can be shipped for rapid local delivery.

Why is OnItsWay a better option for the environment?

Shorter delivery distances and times mean less energy used to move the package from the merchant to you. Our emphasis on green transportation, including incentives for our drivers to drive electric and the building of our own fleet of electric vans, means we emit less greenhouse gases per package moved than conventional delivery companies. Our sensitization efforts with merchants means they will use less packaging when shipping, since the package is carefully handled carefully from point A (the merchant) to point B (you) by our drivers, without endlessly moving from plane to truck to others with a myriad of different handlers, with multiple opportunities for damage. We are reinventing the last mile with our eyes on the environment.