Purchase from your

favorite local merchant

and have it delivered 


Buy local, get it NOW!

Why buy somewhere else when you can encourage the local economy AND get it right away. Select OnItsWay same day delivery upon checking out an online purchase, and get your deliveries within a few hours, delivered right to your doorstep. 


Plus, it's much more environmentally friendly, packages travel much less, and merchants can use less packaging.

A magical experience

With OnItsWay, you control the entire experience. As soon as the delivery is confirmed, you receive a notification. Pop up the mobile app and you can start following the progress of the delivery on a map. Reach out to the driver if you have specific instructions, or even route the package to another destination. Never miss a delivery again!

Plus, if we don't have to attempt delivery multiple times, it's yet another way to be respectful of our environment.

Returns or Person to Person

With OnItsWay returns are easy. In just a few clicks a driver will be at your door to pick up and return the package. Want to send something to a friend or offer same day local delivery for your online marketplace sales? Use the mobile app! It could not be easier or more convenient.


Plus, we'll soon be using our own electric van fleet to move returns around, resulting in virtually no additional footprint!

Demand OnItsWay!

OnItsWay is not available where you are shopping? Ask your favorite merchants to provide the OnItsWay service! It is super easy for them to join, there is no commitment or setup fee, and we'll be happy to welcome them to our growing family.