How can I initiate a delivery with OnItsWay?

We've built OnItsWay so that merchants of all size, all verticals, all technological proficiency, can use the service. If you would rather simply punch in deliveries manually, we have a simple web-based tool that you can use on your phone or tablet (or computer) to create a new delivery and track it. If you have an online store, we have developed a simple API that allows integrating your checkout process to OnItsWay for a seamless and integrated consumer experience and we can help. If you use Shopify, Lightspeed, Magento or others, we have solutions for you. ​Reach out and we can help!

Is there a monthly fee or minimum number of deliveries required?

No commitment, no engagement or contract, no minimum number of deliveries. OnItsWay is on-demand, whether you demand one delivery per month or one delivery per minute, there is no service fee, no minimum fee, you simply pay per delivery for what you use.

How much does it cost to send a package via OnItsWay?

Our pricing fundamentally works based on distance. The farther you ship, the more expensive it gets. Hence, it is ideally suited for local deliveries, but is great for packages of all kinds, including things that would normally be a little bit too big or a little bit too heavy for the conventional carriers.

Where do I register?

At the moment, simply reach out via email or fill out the form on this website to indicate your interest, and we will be in touch shortly. As we progressively deploy our service in new geographies, we will be able to tell you whether we can service your area right away, or within what timeframe to expect us. 

When will the service be available in my area?

We are deploying to new areas as rapidly as we can. Inquire here to know whether we have reached your region. However, knowing about the interest of new merchants for OnItsWay helps us plan our deployment. Hence, if you would like to use OnItsWay, even if you already know we have not yet arrived in your area, please reach out and let us know!

Why is OnItsWay a better option for the environment?
Shorter delivery distances and times mean less energy used to move the package to your customers. Our emphasis on green transportation, including incentives for our drivers to drive electric and the building of our own fleet of electric vans to handle returns to your store, means we emit less greenhouse gases per package moved than conventional delivery companies. The fact that packages do not have to travel a complex route of distribution centres, planes and trucks means that only a single person is handling the package from you to your customers, which further means that you can significantly reduce the amount of packaging you use, at no additional risk for damage. Savings for you on packaging, and less waste, that's what we call a win-win. We are reinventing the last mile with a laser focus on the environment.