Super fast same day delivery 

for local orders...

Super fast same day delivery for local orders


... and it's better for the environment too!

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Why would you use this?

We are reinventing the experience of receiving a package. No more missed package, no more "you'll get it between 8am and 5pm", no more frustration. With OnItsWay, if you purchase locally, you get it really, really fast, you know when it'll get there, and you control the entire process via the mobile application. You can even send a package yourself, whether a store return or even a shipment to a friend. Plus, it's the greenest way to get your online orders delivered!

Offer your local clients the delivery experience they demand, super fast same day delivery. We made it highly convenient for you, offering great visibility into delivery progress, and competitive rates too! Seamlessly integrate it into your existing e-commerce website or send and track packages entirely manually using our web-based tool. Plus, it's the greenest way to send your packages!

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Whether you have a few hours or an entire week, register to OnItsWay and be on your way to an additional revenue stream, on your schedule, on your terms. No commitment, just sign up, let us know when you have time to deliver packages and we'll dispatch deliveries to you. Driving electric? We've got the best deal for you!



At OnItsWay, we believe the process of receiving a package should be as exciting as ordering it in the first place. If you took the time to buy it, we know it means you want it and you want it now. We also believe in sustainable development, and feel the transportation industry can do better for the future of our planet.


We've developed a service that allows you to track your packages in real-time and have total visibility into when and how they will reach your doorstep, within hours of ordering them. We also make it possible for you to return unsatisfactory purchases via a very simple process, and even send something to someone you've sold something to online. Furthermore, we've structured our incentives to reward participants who act environmentally respectfully, in particular electric car drivers and merchants who accept to streamline their packaging.


OnItsWay is reinventing the process of sending and receiving local purchases, the green way!